Embrace the Smart Side of Sarcasm with GROK! Your Passport to a World of Witty Crypto Adventure.

Introducing Grok AI

The crypto meme coin that brings a refreshing blend of wit and innovation to the crypto world. Born after Elon Musk unveiled xAI’s Grok system, GROK embodies the spirit of intelligent humor and cutting-edge technology. With a love for sarcasm that knows no bounds, GROK invites you to join a community where quick wit and sharp intellect are celebrated. In a world often marred by seriousness, GROK stands as a beacon of playful sophistication, offering a unique space where investors and enthusiasts alike can engage in witty banter and clever exchanges. Get ready to embark on a journey where sarcasm meets financial acumen, and where every transaction is infused with a touch of humor. Welcome to GROK, where the art of crypto meets the craft of sarcasm!

Tokenomics of $GROKAI

  1. Total Supply

    – 6,900,000,000 $GROKAI

  2. Taxes

    – Buys & Sells will be taxed 5%

  3. Security

    – Ownership Renounced

    – Liquidity Lock: 100% LOCK